Criminal Defense

“Trials are about what you can prove not what you can suggest.”

De la Paz’s years as a prosecutor provided valuable insight into the inner workings of the prosecutor’s office. He knows how the opposition is pursuing a case against you, and therefore can anticipate the proper strategy to help you obtain the best possible outcome in the face of criminal charges.

Criminal defense is his focus and expertise. When your freedom is on the line, will you take the risk of hiring a general practice law firm?

Former Assistant District Attorney Brent de la Paz defends businesses and individuals facing a full range of felony and misdemeanor offenses.

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White Collar Crime

Some cases may require the skill and knowledge of an established criminal defense attorney, for example a defense against white collar crime allegations. As a criminal defense lawyer, de la Paz has handled cases involving white collar crimes for more than 10 years.

White collar crimes, also called financial crimes, typically involve large amounts of money and complex financial concepts that must be clearly and concisely presented to juries. White collar crimes can carry severe penalties, including prison time and restitution. In addition, a conviction on white collar crime charges can make it extremely difficult to find meaningful employment.

Fields of Expertise in White Collar Crimes:

Embezzlement — The theft of property or money by an entity or an individual who is responsible for handling the assets.
Money laundering — Concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money.
Bankruptcy fraud — Concealment of assets, false statements to the bankruptcy court or other unlawful actions during bankruptcy proceedings.
Health care fraud — Including Medicare/Medicaid billing fraud.
Insurance fraud — False or exaggerated claims made to insurance companies.
Securities fraud — Misconduct or false statements by stockbrokers or financial advisers.
Tax evasion — Failure to pay full taxes as required by federal tax law.

Drug Charges

Drug charges are extremely serious—whether charged with felony cocaine possession, misdemeanor marijuana possession or drug trafficking, a drug related conviction could result in years of prison time. In San Antonio and across the state of Texas, thousands of people are currently in prison for minor drug possession charges.

If you have been accused of a drug-related offense, you must act immediately. In all likelihood, the prosecutor’s office is already preparing a case against you and putting substantial resources into finding you guilty. The best way to level the playing field is to seek representation from an criminal defense lawyer experienced in drug crimes in the state of Texas.

Words from San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney, Brent de la Paz:

“When I worked as an Assistant District Attorney, I spent the majority of my time prosecuting and winning drug cases. As a result, I am your best choice for all when it comes down to all drug-related matters including federal charges…”

Federal drug charges Brent de la Paz has dealt with:

  • Gang-related drug charges
  • Possession
  • Possession by a minor
  • Sale or distribution of drugs
  • Manufacturing of drugs
  • Delivery across state lines
  • Federal RICO defense

Some of these cases involving drug use may include:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Meth
  • Ecstasy
  • Prescription drugs
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Drug distribution


Facing a felony court appearance without a skilled criminal defense attorney could be a mistake with tremendous lifelong consequences.

Whether you are a first-time or a repeat offender, you need a felony defense strategy that levels the playing field. Former Assistant District Attorney, Brent de la Paz has enormous resources allocated to convicting people charged with a felony, from felony DWI, Drug Charge, like Marijuana possession, Cocaine Possession, Drug Trafficking, Embezzlement, Tax Evasion, Bankruptcy Fraud, Medicare Fraud, and more.

A winning felony defense strategy takes weeks to build and execute, so the earlier you obtain representation, the better. Preparation is key to success in the courtroom, and de la Paz prepares every single defense as if we were going to trial. When the prosecutor discovers you are prepared for trial and ready to fight, many times they will begin to look at your situation from a different light.

The cost for such charges depends on the type of case and whether you are a repeat offender, but the simple fact is that felony defense is costly. When hiring your criminal defense attorney, make sure their intentions regarding your case are thoroughly explained. Does their retainer include trial fees, or do they intend on merely appearing to plea bargain, risking your future?


Most individuals at some point will be charged with a misdemeanor, from DWI, Public Intoxication, drug charges, to a simple traffic ticket. Considerable jail time is uncommon, with the exception of repeat offenders, or those on probation or parole.

As a San Antonio misdemeanor attorney, when presented with a client facing their first misdemeanor charge de la Paz understands your ultimate goal is to keep your criminal record clean, and will stand with you to keep it that way.

Brent’s law office offers payment plans and free consultations, so de la Paz may answer all your questions before you’ve made a decision.

Candace’s Story— A Small Charge Does Make A Difference.

I still remember the day an older lady Candace came into my office because the public defender asked her to plead guilty to a crime that she was innocent of. As she started to get into the details, I learned that she rented a tile cutter from a local rental company and returned it, but somehow the tile cutter was never checked back in by the employee. This caused management to file a theft charge. Candace, a widow of a retired army veteran and postal service public servant, sixty-seven years old and never once charged with a crime. I couldn’t find a traffic ticket under her name.

As you can imagine, she was almost in tears because the public defender wanted her to plead guilty and accept seven years probation. As a Former Assistant District Attorney, I understand that the public defenders office has limited resources and Candace’s mistake should not have gone to them in the first place. We were able to have the charge dismissed and Candace today still maintains a spotless criminal record.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, even if only facing a misdemeanor, you need to consider hiring a dedicated San Antonio criminal attorney, such as myself.

— Words from Brent de la Paz

Alcohol Charges

Public Intoxication

Public intoxication should not be taken lightly, as it may prevent you from finding work, or cost you your next promotion. Hiring the best criminal defense attorney for public intoxication is imperative, regardless if it’s your first charge.

Before pleading guilty to any crime — including disorderly conduct — always discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You may have other options for fighting the charges that will have less of an impact on your record and your future. Demonstrating to the court that this is an isolated incident is a proven method in many cases of quickly resolving your charge.

De la Paz is in Bexar County court at least once a week, delivering a skilled defense against Public Intoxication— let him be your defense.

Underage Drinking/Minor In Possession

Young adults have their entire lives ahead of them, which may involve finishing school or becoming full-fledged members of the workforce. Young adult mistakes can be very costly when they involve illegal activity such as underage drinking.

At Brent de la Paz Law Office, I believe that a mistake like underage drinking, or Minor in Possession (MIP), should not haunt a young adult for the rest of his or her life. As a criminal defense lawyer, I help clients under the legal drinking age of 21 understand the legal implications of MIP charges and protect their future while fighting those charges.

DWI charges can be especially detrimental to those who are underage. Having handled hundreds of DWI cases in my career as a Former Assistant District Attorney and defense lawyer, I provide informed advice and counsel to minors facing alcohol related allegations.

Underage drinking can have a variety of serious consequences, including:

  • A criminal record
  • Large monetary fines
  • Suspended or revoked driving privileges
  • Difficulty securing employment
  • Suspension, expulsion or loss of financial aid from school

DWI/Driving while Intoxicated

Read more about Brent’s DWI defense.

Disorderly Conduct

Charges of disorderly conduct typically involve a scene where police have been called, but there is no basis for more severe charges like assault or battery. At Brent de la Paz Law Office, he represents people facing allegations of disorderly conduct and a variety of other related criminal offenses.

Disorderly conduct may not be considered as serious an offense as assault, battery, or indecent exposure. However, it is important to remember that any criminal charge can stay on your record and affect your future. Even a seemingly minor offense like disorderly conduct can affect your future employability or raise embarrassing questions during background checks for work or housing.

In some cases, a plea on disorderly conduct charges can help you get more serious charges dismissed. De la Paz can help you evaluate your options, assess your case and help you decide on the best defense strategy to achieve your goals and protect your future.

Before you plead guilty to any crime — including disorderly conduct — discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. You may have other options for fighting the charges that will have less of an impact on your record and your future.

Violent Crimes


Brent de la Paz devoted 100% of his practice to criminal defense, including defense against allegations of violent crimes like assault. We represent people facing a variety of assault charges, including:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Domestic violence and assault
  • Juvenile assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Vehicular assault, sometimes involving DWI

Protecting Your Rights

Texas laws governing assault are complex and often counterintuitive. For example, it is possible to be charged with assault even if you have not harmed anyone, or made any physical contact with the alleged victim at all.

No matter what led to the assault charges against you, it is imperative to seek representation from a knowledgeable, qualified criminal defense lawyer speaking with the authorities. Often times police officers will ask for your interpretation of the event, but any information provided may potentially hurt your defense after the fact.

Words from Brent de la Paz,

“Before I opened my own law firm, I worked as an Assistant District Attorney, where I tried countless cases involving violent crimes, including assault. I know what tactics prosecutors will use to try to find you guilty — and how to weaken their case and maximize your chances of success.”

Domestic Violence

Accusations of domestic violence can tear families apart and affect the parties long into the future. The Law Office of Brent de la Paz understands the difficult situation that you are in and is committed to doing everything possible to make matters better.

Domestic violence refers to a range of accusations made by family members and close personal relations, including:

  • Domestic and spousal abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Battery
  • Violation of a restraining order
  • Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Conviction

Aside from jail time, you may be unable to secure the employment you want, or even continue living with your family.

To minimize the impact of domestic violence charges on your everyday life, Brent encourages you to contact him as soon as possible. With more than 10 years of experience in criminal law matters, Brent de la Paz can help you protect your rights while aggressively fighting the charges brought against you.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you have questions about a certain type of criminal defense case, please contact his San Antonio Law Office to address your specific concerns.

Words from Brent de la Paz,

“When your future is at stake you need someone who has been to battle and knows the terrain. I am skilled and ready to represent you. Let me protect your rights. Let me fight for you.”

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