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Safety Tips for Christmas Travel

December 22nd, 2017 by Brent de la Paz

This Christmas, thousands of Texans will be traveling on roads and highways to get to their holiday destinations. These travelers may be with riding with their family or friends; only hoping to complete their journey safely. Make it a point—for your passengers, fellow travelers, and yourself—to ensure you drive with caution and awareness this holiday season. Here are four tips to help you stay safe during your holiday travels.

  • Plan Ahead If You’re Going to Drink
    Drinking and driving is possibly the most irresponsible thing a person can do during holiday travels. Not only would they be putting themselves and their passengers in danger, but they would be threatening the other drivers around them on the road. Instead of risking a DWI or worse, have a plan in place beforehand. Instead of getting behind the wheel with your passengers, you can designate a driver or stay the night where you are. If you’re riding light, you can also call an Uber or Lyft to take you to your holiday destination.

  • Don’t Drive If You’re Drowsy
    If you’re having a difficult time keeping your head up or your eyes open when on the road, don’t try to overcome it with will power alone. Driving when you’re drowsy is incredibly dangerous for everyone on the road. One alternative to driving drowsy could be taking turns driving with another passenger. Long road trips often require more than one driver if you plan to make the journey all in one drive. Another option would be to stay the night with friends and family along the way. If you don’t know anyone who lives nearby, you can always stop and stay at a hotel for a night!

  • Don’t Drive With Distractions
    One of the most distracting things in our lives is our phone. This statement holds even more truth when thrown in the situation of driving on roads and highways. Sometimes the use of a phone is inevitable, like when you need to communicate or use GPS navigation. Instead of being on it, keep you and your passengers safe this year by introducing a hands-free device to your vehicle or designating a passenger to be in charge of your phone.

  • Drive Carefully and Follow the Speed Limit
    Although it may seem like you need to rush to make it to your destinations on time, try to put a stop to this mindset. There are various factors—like weather conditions or other drivers—that can contribute to why you should drive cautiously and follow the speed limit. Using dangerous driving practices to get to your destination quicker is not worth the risk.

It is my hope that you use these tips to enhance your safety practices and have a wonderful holiday season! Please contact me immediately should you find yourself in need of legal assistance. May you, your family and friends all have a Merry Christmas!