Privacy Policy

I. Acquisition of Information

Brent collects nonpublic personal information about our clients, and potential clients, only from information you provide. His client and potential client engagements routinely require him to get private information so he’s able to proceed with the legal services he may perform.

Information is never obtained without the clients’ or potential clients’ specific authorization for the type of information and the source(s) from which it may be obtained.

II. Disclosure of Information

The de la Paz firm will not publicly disclose nonpublic or public information about its clients. Any information attained will not be sold to any third parties.

III. Security Arrangements

The de la Paz firm maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations and Texas State Bar guidelines to guard the clients’ personal information.

IV. Attorney-Client Relationship

No attorney-client relationship is formed simply by requesting a consultation from an advertisement or visiting our website. The relationship may only be created by the agreement of both parties.

In addition, this page is maintained for informational and advertising purposes only. Visitors should not rely on the information presented here as their sole source of information on any given legal topic. It is highly recommended to retain the services of an attorney for any legal needs/representation.

Please call Brent de la Paz at  (210) 229-1322 should you have questions. Your privacy, his professional integrity, and his ability to provide you with quality legal services are important to the firm.

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The de la Paz Law Office reserves the right to alter or update this policy as necessary to comply with Texas State Bar guidelines and state and federal regulations.