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DWI attorney in San Antonio Tx


As a Former Assistant District Attorney, Brent is familiar with how strongly prosecutors pursue DWI charges against drunk drivers.

Brent has won hundreds of DWI cases, including underage drunk driving cases, and is prepared to fight your drunk driving charge. He believes nothing should prevent you from securing the legal representation you deserve when facing criminal charges.

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San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney


"Trials are about what you can prove not what you can suggest" - My experience as a prosecutor provided valuable insight into the inner workings of the prosecutor’s office.

I know how the opposition is pursuing a case against you, and therefore can anticipate the proper defensive strategy to help you obtain the best possible outcome in the face of criminal charges.

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Drug Charge Attorney San Antonio Texas

Drug Charges

Drug charges are extremely serious–whether charged with felony cocaine possession, misdemeanor marijuana possession or drug trafficking, a drug related conviction could result in years of prison time.

In San Antonio and across the state of Texas, thousands of people are currently in prison for minor drug possession charges. Let Brent fight for your rights!

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Arrested for DWI?

You Have Only 15 Days

Your driver's license will be automatically suspended from the date of your DWI arrest if you do not request an administrative hearing.

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