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San Antonio DWI AttorneySan Antonio DWI Lawyer, From the lighting of the river right after Thanksgiving, to the fireworks display at New Years, downtown San Antonio, Texas is a magnet for people looking for a unique experience. While downtown, most people opt for dinner and drinks to soak up the wonderful atmosphere. There are fun and interesting clubs and bars on most corners that beckon people to stay for a good time. There are also plenty of San Antonio police officers downtown to make sure that everyone is safe when walking on the river and streets of San Antonio. Definitely a recipe for a fun, safe evening.

Take it from me A tough San Antonio DWI Attorney the San Antonio police are not just on foot downtown looking out for the safety of those having a good time. They are out looking for those people who decided to get behind the wheel after having a good time.. Not only are they pulling cars over, but they are setting up roadblocks and conducting sobriety checks. Not only are they doing visual checks (like touch your nose or walk a straight line), but they are also doing breathalyzers and blood draws. You do not have to be drunk in order to be charged with Drunk Driving. “ Brent Delapaz”

If you are arrested and charged with Misdemeanor DWI, Felony DWI, DUI (for those under the age of 21), Intoxication Assault or Intoxication Manslaughter you need to secure an experienced to be on your side. This is not something that is going to go away. You are facing jail time, fines, probation, license suspension, an ignition interlock system installed on your car, and administrative fees. You can also be ordered to have an evaluation to see if you need rehabilitation. Your future is on the line.

Hiring A Tough San Antonio DWI Attorney Is Your Best Option

You do not want to try and represent yourself. There are court hearings, plea bargaining, motions to suppress, subpoenas, jury picking, cross examinations… trust me, you would need years of schooling and experience in order to properly represent yourself! This is too important to take on yourself or to leave to some second rate San Antonio DWI Lawyer that has not had the proper training or adequate amount of experience.

I’m one of the only San Antonio DWI Attorneys certified in Gas Chromatography. As former Assistant District Attorney for the city of San Antonio, I am familiar with the laws, the plea bargains, and the people that I will be dealing with on your behalf. If you have been arrested in the San Antonio area, whether  you live here or are just visiting, call me today at (210) 568-7499 for a free consultation.

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Published by Brent Delapaz on 2013-08-13