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Corpus Christi DWICorpus Christi DWI yes a drunk driving charge is very serious & you need to hire the best Corpus Christi DWI Attorney you can afford!

Down on South Texas coast lies the City of Corpus Christi. Topping 305,000 residents, Corpus Christi is the eighth-largest city in Texas. Nicknamed “Sparkling City by the Sea,” Corpus Christi covers 460 square miles, 305 square miles of which is covered by water.

Corpus Christi is a popular spot for tourists to come for the sun, sand, and surf. As you know, where there is a high tourist count, there are parties. In addition to responding to all of the 911 calls, the Corpus Christi Police Department is responsible for keeping the streets safe. The Police Department is always on the look out for people that have made the unfortunate choice to get behind the wheel and drive after drinking.

Have you been pulled over, arrested & charged with a DWI?  If so you need to find, consult and hire a great Corpus Corpus Christi DWI Lawyer. DWI defense is serious even if it’s your first charge for the simple reason that a conviction and in some cases an arrest will revoke your right to drive.  Since the majority of us have to drive back and fourth to work you should take the arrest very serious.  Being able to demonstrate to the prosecutor that you are serious and ready to deliver an aggressive Corpus Christi DWI Defense will level the playing field and in many cases resolve charges without trial.

Skilled Corpus Christi DWI Attorneys are expensive, but If found guilty, the conviction will stay with you forever. It can effect your current job and any that you may be up for in the future. You will have to disclose the conviction on all job applications, and your car insurance will go up dramatically. You need to make sure that you have as many Corpus Christi DWI Lawyers on your side as you can afford. There are witnesses to be interviewed, experts to be secured, juries to be picked, and a DWI defense to be put on. If you do not have a Tough Corpus Christi DWI Attorney on your side, you will not be sure to have the best outcome for your case.

As former Assistant District Attorney, I know both sides of the aisle. I am very familiar with the policies and procedures with which the District Attorney’s office operates. I know how the prosecutors work and I know how to defend the rights and freedoms of my clients from those prosecutors.

Corpus Christi DWI LawyerBeing one of the only Corpus Christ DWI Attorneys in the nation certified in Gas Chromatography, I know the procedures and equipment associated with the different on-site “tests” that are given when pulled over for suspected drunk driving. Although there are normally 3 different kinds of tests given, a visual (touch your nose or walk a straight line), a breathalyzer, or a blood draw, that does not mean that those are the only means of determining whether someone is sober or not. Additionally, even though the tests result in an arrest, that does not mean that the test is infallible or that the results cannot be overcome in Corpus Christi Courts.

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I know this can be difficult, but with the right Corpus Christi DWI Attorney on your side, you can be assured that you have done everything that you could do to ensure the best outcome possible. I am available for your free drunk driving consultations 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Call A Corpus Christi DWI Lawyer now at (210) 568-7499. Let me help you!

Published by Brent Delapaz on 2013-08-13